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Innovative Industry Fair for E x E Solutions, Tokyo (Japan)

(27.11.2019 - 29.11.2019)

IIFES (Innovative Industry Fair for E x E Solutions)
“IIFES” is the first letter for the words that characterize our exhibition.
“Innovative Industry Fair” expresses an industrial exhibition driven by progressiveness and creativity.
The E’s in “E by E” stand for Electrical, Electronic, and Engineering, as expressions associated with electronics, measurement, and technology, while the “by (x)” signifies synergy effects created by the technologies in the fields where the E’s intersect, giving us “Solutions” that lead to creation of new value.
The new name of the exhibition “IIFES” expresses its vision as the gathering place for cutting-edge industry technology and information focused on the electronics and measurement industries, offering the world a type of “manufacturing” that is catered to diversifying social environments while creating and enhancing value.

Schmersal Japan KK is looking forward to your visit at our booth.



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